Silk Sageo,Kawarianda-Weaving Iaido Japanese swords Katana Shinken and Wakizashi (Length:240cm)

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* Apply the sword or check the above dimensions carefully.
Please note that this group has some elasticity, so if you pull it, you will lose weight (thinner).

Product name Yasuda -gumi of the silk sword
Description of item As a sword down, it is a simple tailoring of a single dye and has some elasticity.
Since there is some elasticity, there is an error of about 5 cm in the finished dimension.
The width is about 13mm. Please consider whether you can use it.
size Length: Approximately 235-240cm (there is an error: without a bunch)
Width: about 13mm
material 100 % silk
Notes * Please note that the product photos may differ slightly from the real thing depending on the customer's monitor environment and the writing relationship at the time of shooting.


Sword Shimori Frequently Asked Questions / Inquiries

● About the stock of out of stock
Since each product is produced in order, the arrival time for the product that has been out of stock is basically undecided.
However, even if the stock is out of display, please contact us as you may be able to prepare the stock of the store.

● Can I buy other than the specified size?
There are also products that can be prepared, so please contact us before ordering.

● Will you tie Shimio to the sheath?
I am sorry. We cannot accept requests connecting the sword to the sheath.

● Is the purchased Shimokio firm?
Shimio can be soft and familiar while using it. If you want to make it softer intentionally, try the following method. The method of softening immediately and the kettle is boiled, and the steam is evenly applied to the string. Silk thread contains moderately moisture when moisturized. Furthermore, if you dry it with a warm air or a natural breeze, excess moisture will be released and the stiffness will come off. By repeating the process, it gradually becomes softer. If you do not hurry, if you hang it in a well -ventilated place in a dark place that does not hit the sun, it will become softer in nature.