Kumihimo Care Tips

Kumihimo (traditional Japanese ornamental braided cords) are works of art that should be cared for. Below are tips on storage to avoid deterioration, keeping them clean, and what to do when they become tangled.

Storing Kumihimo

Since they are made from silk, Kumihimo are vulnerable to insects, harsh sunlight, and mold. Store your Kumihimo in a wardrobe case out of direct sunlight. To ensure the air inside remains dry, open the drawers occasionally to let the air through.

Cleaning Kumihimo

  • Removing Stains: Unlike chemical fibers, silk Kumihimo cords may fade when soaked in water. Their quality may change and deteriorate. Instead, wipe with a tightly wrung damp cloth, dabbing gently only at the stained area. Do not scrub too hard, or the color will fade.
  • Removing Oil: Moisten a clean rag with benzene and dab the oil to transfer it to the cloth. You can also gently rub the surface with an eraser for minor stains.
  • Drying: After wiping off the dirt, store the kumihimo in a well-ventilated place out of the sun.

Untangling Kumihimo

Silk is an animal protein. Thus, silk threads have similarities to human hair. A Kumihimo can be straightened and untangled by exposing it to steam and combing.