Pure silk braided cord D (thick) azure color [Bulk sale] 34m Braided cord for a bargain

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The quality and thickness of the strings are not guaranteed. The quality and thickness of the cord is the same as the standard color, so it is a good deal.

This is the first time I've seen this kind of product.

Please read the following when purchasing non-standard stock.
Please read the following before purchasing.
This is a sale item and cannot be cut or sold.
There is no resale of the same color.
If you want to use it as a decorative knot or a string for a gift, please make sure that it is thick enough to be used.
This product will be discontinued when it is sold out.

How to braid Yatsu-gumi (Edo-uchi)
Material 100% silk
Thickness Approx. 4 mm - 4.5 mm

Example of use: "Gagiri-bukuro", "Shingen-bukuro", and decorative knots

 Our silk cord for sale is softly braided so that the fine texture of silk can be seen in the thread quality, color, and braiding, and so that the beauty of braided cord is not spoiled.
Unlike synthetic fiber cords, it has a moderate elasticity and is not too stiff and smooth to the touch.

The color may fade if the
cord gets wet with excessive friction, water, or sweat. However, the color may fade if it gets wet from excessive friction, water, or sweat. Please be careful not to use or store it in a wet condition. If you use it as a neck cord, please avoid wearing white clothing and be careful not to transfer the color.

you use it as a neck cord, avoid wearing white clothes and be careful not to let the color transfer.

The silk cord is not perfectly straight and even. It is made in such a way that it has room for contraction, and it will easily thin when pulled. We hope you understand that this is to make use of the natural texture of the silk cord.
Please refrain from exchanging or returning the item as it is a sale item.
Please note that the picture of the product may differ slightly from the actual product due to the environment of your monitor or the lighting during the shooting.