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* Pure silk bonito string string Yashizumi *

* Products are sold only for rooting strings. Accessories such as watches are not included.

It is a simple clock string that can be used in both kimono and Western clothing. By connecting the pocket watch with a string, it can prevent forgetting and falling.

* Free usage

In kimono, it is smart to keep the clock in your pocket. The kimono is familiar with the gloss and softness of the pure silk braid.

In Western clothes, it is safe to wrap a braid in a belt or button hole and then put it in your pocket. If it is a silk string, there is no worry about damaging clothes and watches compared to the chain string.

The total length is about 30 cm and the length is enough, so even if it is attached to the obi or belt, it is just the right length to see the time.

There is no rule on how to use the clock string, so for various purposes! You can connect important keys to your bag. If you attach it to the handle, you can pull out by groping.


Please check the size whether your clock passes. Use a clock on a small ring.

Large ring: Diameter about 55mm width 2.5mm
Body part: Approximately 210mm width 5mm
Small ring: Diameter about 20mm width 2.5mm

* About color specification

Color specification orders cannot be accepted by online sales. It is difficult to confirm the color when requesting by e -mail or telephone, and there is a difference in the image.
New colors will be posted for each color system.

Product name Pure silk pure clock string string
Description of item

How to assemble: Kaku Hachibun
It is a clock string for replacement of pure silk. In the middle body, the cross section is a square of eight corners with a slightly square surface. The tsubo part is an Edo -kai. The body and tsubo are tied with silk thread. Enjoy the gentle and soft touch of silk different from polyester and nylon.

size size
: Length / about 300-300mm (error ± 5mm)
Ogawa: Diameter about 55mm width 2.5mm
Body part: Approximately 210mm width 5mm
Kowa: Diameter about 20mm width 2.5mm
material 100 % silk

○ For customers who order by repeat, it cannot be made with exactly the same color because of the reproducibility of the color. We will make efforts to make the approximate color as possible, but please note that some different colors.

○ Precautions for handling clock strings
・ If you pull from the string when removing the clock string, it will be a strong burden on the string and it will be easy to break.
Please be sure to bring the clock itself when you take it out.
・ Excessive heavy clocks cannot be attached.
・ Because the silk strap is natural fibers, it is exhausted little by little over the date of use.
Please make sure that the exhaust state, especially the base of the ring, is not worn out.

* Products are sold only for clock strings. Not included accessories such as clocks and rooting.
* Please note that the photos of the product may differ slightly from the real thing depending on the customer's monitor environment and the lighting relationship at the time of shooting.