Obijime cord, obi cord/ Silk Obijime/Jinaiki Set, XL Size (Long)

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This obijime is appropriate for both ceremonial and formal wear, its two-piece construction making it reversible. It can be used for tsukesage, visiting kimono, shikimuji, colored tome sleeves, and even solid tome sleeves depending on the color. It has a wide and elegant design with rich gold thread. 

It is available in eight colors: goldenrod, burgundy, grey, Chitose green, candy, milky white, white, and black.

Item name Pure Silk Obijime, Jinaiki Set, XL Size (Long)
Product Description This is an obijime for formal wear mixed with gold thread. The width is about 18mm and is suitable for visiting kimono, colored kimono, colored tomesode, etc.

It will be boxed and wrapped, making it a great gift item.
Dimensions Length: approx. 180cm (not including tassels)
Width: approx. 18mm
*Please note that this product is XL size (long ).
Material 100% silk
with metallic thread
Precautions Please note that the picture of the product may differ slightly from the actual product due to the environment of your monitor or the lighting during the shooting.