Obijime cord, obi cord/ Silk Obijime/ Hirakara Set, 3-Tiered Gradation with Odamaki Tassel, XL Size (Long)

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This obijime is recommended for both daily use and small outings. The shape is a cross between a round and a flat braid, making it easy to fasten. An odamaki tassel replaces the standard tassel for easy maintenance—no cleaning required. The three-tiered gradation is beautifully balanced with bursts of white for subdued and versatile color patterns. 

It is available in six colors: citron green, brick, grayish white, forget-me-not, sepia, and chocolate.

Item name Pure Silk Obijime Hirakara Set, 3-Tiered Gradation with Odamaki Tassel, XL Size (Long)
Product Description The simple three-tiered blotch pattern makes it easy to wear. The colors are subdued, but highly versatile.

It will be boxed and wrapped, making it a great gift item.
Dimensions Length: approx. 180 cm (not including tassels) 
Width: approx. 12 mm 
*Please note that this product is XL size (long ).
Material 100% silk
Precautions Please note that the picture of the product may be slightly different from the actual product due to your monitor settings or the lighting during the shooting.