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 Our store is located in the middle of the Kannon Street Metro shopping district near Sensoji Temple in Asakusa.
Here are some of the products we carry.

 At the store, we sell kumihimo for kimono and other uses, and sell kumihimo by the cut. In addition to kumihimo, we also have accessories and Japanese ornaments incorporating kumihimo, dolls made of pure silk old cloth, crepe ornaments, and other Japanese style accessories.

 Our most popular kumihimo product is the netsuke cord. Our most popular kumihimo product is the netsuke cord, which is made of pure silk and is available in a variety of colors and patterns.

 Netsuke strings wear out as they are used. We recommend that you replace it regularly before it wears out.

 We have a wide variety of original kumihimo hair ornaments, watch strings, eyeglass strings, cell phone straps, and practical kumihimo of various shapes that can be easily incorporated into Western clothing.

 We also have a collection of antiques, ebony and boxwood netsuke that go well with kumihimo, as well as accessories that add a touch of style. You can also consult with us about repairing or modifying the strings of your netsuke.

We also have kumihimo that can be sold by weight. We sell kumihimo of six different thicknesses, such as yoroi-himo, yotsu-gumi, and yatsu-gumi, by the length you need, and can be used for various purposes, such as tailoring for bags, handicrafts, and handicrafts.

You can choose your favorite cord in two sizes, 150cm and 180cm.

You can use them in any combination you like. You can use it for tailoring of bags, handicrafts, crafts, and various other purposes.

We have a wide variety of Obijime from formal wear to everyday wear. We have a wide variety of obijime, both long and short, on display at all times. Please take your time to choose the best one for you.

 Many antique obidome have a narrow hole for the cord. In the store, we have dibun-himo, sambun-himo, and yabun-himo. You can find the perfect cord for your obidome.

Yurugi's obijime, which is easy to tighten and hard to loosen, is always available in more than 50 colors. It is a popular product that can be used all year round.

You can also pick up our haori cords and look at them at your leisure.
There are various types of men's haori cords, such as round, flat, and different lengths. For customers who like to be chic, the direct attachment without tassels is popular.

The day and night (reversible) type is useful because it can be tied in many different ways to show different colors. 

Since Asakusa has many yose, it is used by rakugo storytellers. They use bold and stylish colors to add color to the stage, and the way they tie and untie the haori cord is superbly cool and admirable.

We have a wide range of colors to meet your expectations at any time.

Even if the haori cord of Kongo-gumi is monochromatic, the shade of the braid makes it attractive.

You can tie it in a little bit by hanging it up a little bit.

We are especially particular about the color of the sword cord.

The 9-tama jujube-gumi is a simple way of braiding, but if you lose concentration, the roughness will appear. The simpler the structure of the braid, the more care I take.

I prefer to use indigo colors for my kumihimo.

In the workshop on the second floor of the store, I make special orders.

Due to the small size of the workshop, we are not accepting orders from the general public, but we do assist junior high school students in their traditional craft classes.

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A three-minute walk from Asakusa Station, with views of Sensoji Temple, Kaminarimon Gate, and Tokyo Sky Tree nearby.

Kumihimo and Japanese accessories store Kiryu-do, established in 1876 in downtown Tokyo
Please enjoy not only kumihimo but also nostalgic products with a simple taste and a touch of the past.

Please stop by when you come to Asakusa.