Pure Silk Sword Strap, Inner Circle Set, 8 Shaku (240 cm)

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  • Be sure to check the dimensions carefully to ensure they will fit your sword.
  • This strap has some elasticity, so it will lose some thickness (become thinner) when pulled.

Item Name Sword Strap Inner Circle Set
Product Description It has a dot pattern on one side and is a little stretchy for use as a lower strap. It is difficult to use for those who want to tighten it, although there are different tastes. It is best for those who prefer a loose, comfortable hold.

The width is approx. 11 mm. Please consider carefully whether it fits your needs.
Dimensions Length: approx. 240 cm (not including tassel)
Width: approx. 11 mm
Material 100% silk
Precautions Please note that product photos may differ slightly from the actual product due to your device's screen or the lighting conditions at the time of shooting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do out-of-stock items take to arrive?
Since each product is produced in a certain order, the arrival date of out-of-stock products is uncertain. However, even if a product is out of stock online, we may be able to provide it if the product is in stock at the store, so please contact us for more information.

Can I purchase products in sizes other than the specified ones?
Availability varies according to the product. Please inquire before placing an order.

Can you tie the strap to the sheath?
No. We do not accept requests to tie the sword's lower strap to the sheath. We apologize for the inconvenience.

What if the strap I purchased is too tight?

The strap will become softer and more comfortable as you use it. If you want to soften it intentionally, please try the following method. 

  1. Boil a kettle and let the steam flow evenly over the strap.
  2. When silk threads are steamed, they will retain moderate moisture.
  3. Dry them with warm air or natural wind to release the excess moisture and loosen the strap's firmness.

Repeating this process will gradually soften the strap's yarn.

Alternatively, if you are not in a hurry, hang the strap in a dark and well-ventilated place out of the sun, and it will soften naturally over time.