Pure silk Obijime with 3-dimensional bokashi and Odamaki, LL size (long)

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This obijime is recommended for both daily use and small outings. It is easy to fasten with the intermediate braid between round and flat braid. Instead of a tassel, an Odamaki is attached, so there is no need to clean the tassel. It has a katagami pattern, with the change of colors plucked out in white. It is available in six colors: citron green, brick, grayish white, forget-me-not, sepia, and chocolate.

It is a simple three-tiered blur that is easy to wear.
The colors are subdued, but it is sure to come in handy.

Material: 100% silk
Size: Length: approx. 180 cm (not including Odamaki

Width: 12mm

*Please note that this product is LL size (long


This product is LL size (long).