Men's Haori-Himo, Yotsu-gumi, Bo-san (Round-gumi) [Direct-attachment, no tassels] The type to tie directly on the haori without using S-tube

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It's not ostentatious, but strangely elegant.

The ends are smooth and tassel-less, so it's perfect for everyday use.

Because it is a little thin, it fits well in a bowknot, and because it is tassel-less, it will look stylish without being too sweet.

It is also available in the most requested colors for men's haori cords.

The direct attachment type is different from the type that hooks onto the S-can, so you don't have to worry about the haori cord falling off without your knowledge.
You can easily put on and take off your haori at banquets, theaters, and in everyday life.

This is a
basic yotsu-gumi haori cord for men's haori, which is characterized by its lack of tassels.
This is a basic yotsu-gumi type, but without tassels.

The direct-attach type means that the
cord is attached directly to the haori without using a can. You can tie and untie the strings by yourself.

tasselsNo tassels, so it is easy to clean

Length: 40cm-45cm

Length: 40 to 45 cm (length varies by several centimeters for each color) 

Width: 0.8mm - 10mm
Inner diameter of the tsubo: approx. 8mm