Men's Haori cord, Kakutasa-gumi, Tatebetsuka [Different length on both sides, Shinkawa].

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It is a direct-attach type that can be tied and untied.

Shinkawa is a playful form of knotting that has been handed down secretly since ancient times. The length of the cord is different on each side of the haori cord.

This is a separate pattern of the Kakutasa-gumi. This method of construction does not have much elasticity.

The direct-attaching type is the one that attaches the strings directly to the haori without using the cans. The direct-attaching type is different from the type that is hooked on the S-can, so you don't have to worry about the haori cord falling out unintentionally. You can easily put on and take off your haori at banquets, theaters, and in everyday life.
There are no tassels, so it is
easy to care

One side (not including the tassel): 38 cm (with an error of 1 to 2 cm)
One side (not including the tassel): 23 cm (with an error of 1 to 2 cm)
Inner diameter of the tassel: about 1,6 mm
Width: about 13


: approx. 2,5 mm


: 100% silk

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