For Foreign Customer

Hello! My name is Yuji Haneda.
I am manager of Kumihimo Asakusa Kiryudo .

We have been selling in Japan until now.
From now on we will make every effort to deliver braids not only to Japan but also to customers all over the world.

Tradition and development of skills are our mission.
With a little power, it won't loosen.
But when you want to untied, a braid that should be easy to untied.
While conveying the taste,I would like to convey the world of braiding to future generations.

Recently, the Kumihimo bracelet has become popular, thanks to the animated movie "Your Name".
I'm glad to see foreign travelers coming to buy Kumihimo bracelets.

A sageo is a hanging cord made of silk that is passed through the hole in the kurigata of a Japanese sword's saya.

Kiryudo is located on a side street right off Nakamise Street.
Since 1876, it has made a name for itself through kumihimo, braided cords of silk threads that are an indispensable feature of Japanese clothing and items found on the Buddhist altar.
Kumihimo is beautifully woven in such a way that is an artform in and of itself.

Decorations that bring out the Japanese flavor, crepe, and works of artists are arranged like an interesting art museum.

Besides braids, we also have handmade handmade dolls and decorations made of pure silk old cloth.
We are trying to create a pleasant shop that customers can visit with pleasure. Please stop by when you come to Asakusa.

Asakusa is one the best spots in Tokyo to experience “old school” Japan. Nakamise Street, the path connecting Kaminarimon Gate to Sensoji-temple, is always flooded with visitors.

You can see Kaminarimon and Sensoji Temple just a short walk from our store.
It takes about 20 minutes to walk to Tokyo Skytree.

Our shop, An old shop started in 1876, Kiryudo has been making an effort to preserve the vanishing traditional craft skills for making Kumihimo.
Unique Japanese gifts and souvenirs available.
We sell goods which are produced from traditional Japanese materials.Please feel free to ask me.
It may take longer for me respond because of my English skills.

■ How to get to our shop
From Haneda→ Tokyo international air port.

From Akihabara→ TX Tukuba Express-line ASAKUSAst walk 10min.

From Shinjyuku→ JR Yamanote-line Ueno change of Tokyo metro Ginza-line ASAKUSAst walk 3min.

Hours: 10:30-19:00
Address: 1-32-12 Asakusa Taito-ku TOKYO JAPAN
TEL FAX +81-3-3847-2680

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Please feel free to ask me.
It may take longer for me respond because of my English skills.

■ What’s nearby
Senso-ji Temple→ 5 minutes on foot from the shop

Kaminarimon→ 5 minutes on foot from the shop

Tokyo Sky Tree→ 20 minutes on foot from the shop

Nakamise-dori→ 1 minutes on foot from the shop

■ online store
we do ship internationally, and we generally use EMS.

Kumihimo Asakusa Kiryudo(Rakuten International Shipping Services)